The Power of Community

The Power of Community

This last week we celebrated International Women's Day with women around the world. This day is one where the world recognizes everything that women in particular have accomplished and how they contribute to the world. Here in our world at Hazel & Deene, we cannot say enough about our Stylish World Changers. The HD Society is one of the most beautiful and powerful things about our model.

When we started Hazel & Deene, we knew we were not alone. We knew there were hundreds and thousands of other women who wanted more. They wanted more than 9 to 5. They wanted more than just donating money. They wanted more than just shopping at the boutique. They wanted more out of life.

Our community is equipping women to thrive and to help other women thrive as well. It is a beautiful thing when you see someone's passions, skills and gifts come together in the opportunity at HD. It is an incredible thing when this woman then helps another find that same opportunity and success.

The tapestry of our community is woven by individual stories but united by the thread of our common vision. There is power in community and beauty in the coming together of women who are on a mission.

Come, join our vision and thrive with us.