You are here because you are a visionary.

You are a leader among leaders.

and You are ready to make your mark on the world.

Sound about right?

Hazel & Deene is a revolutionary new company. We are harnessing the power of technology, combining our love of style and people and making sure that our work is creating change and good...every. single. day.

As a young company, we are looking for leaders to journey with us. Leaders who are not afraid of change. Ready to lead others. Able to move and groove to the flux of a growing brand.

We have poured our blood, tears and (lots of) sweat into this company. We know that it is a risk to start a new business. To be among the first. To be a founder. That's why we created an offer just for you.

Start an impact business today...for free.

Yep, free.

Method 1

Power Seller

Earn 1000 PCV ( about $1650 in retail sales) in your first 60 days. Our average soirée is $750 in sales. This means that by hosting 2-3 soirées your business building kit will be free...oh and you will have earned over $525 in sales commissions and bonuses.

Method 2

Team builder

Grow your team by three within the first 60 days. Not only will you be creating opportunity for other women, you will be increasing your future earning potential as you earn from your team sales.

method 3

soirée specialist

Host 5 qualifying soirées (minimum of $250 retail sales each) in your first 60 days. We know that sometimes things change and don't go according to plan, but growing your business requires hard work and perseverance. Your momentum will carry and you will earn $375 in commissions and bonuses in addition to your business kit rebate.

The (not so) fine print

Participation in this promotion is only applicable to new Stylists and cannot be extended, shared or gifted to another individual. The 60 (sixty) day promotional period begins on the date of your signup. A Business Building Kit must be purchased in order to be eligible for promotional rebate. maximum rebate value is $199. taxes and shipping are excluded from all minimums, rebates, and/or requirements. Rebate will be issued with commission period following promotion achievement.